formal shirts

As a central piece in the male wardrobe, the formal shirt stands as a timeless choice. Distinguished by its exceptional fabric quality, elegant cut, and meticulous details, it sets itself apart.

The subtle sophistication of the Figaret business shirt renders it versatile, suitable for workdays or special occasions.

An iconic piece in the men's locker room, it not only meets but exceeds expectations, featuring prestigious fabrics, a refined cut, and an assured style.

Our formal shirts come in 3 cuts, 2 sleeve lengths, and 2 types of cuffs. The travel (easy-iron) and prestige ranges further enrich the collection.

Casual shirts

Whether in linen or denim Oxford, checkered or striped, the casual Figaret shirt is designed for everyday wear, including weekends. Paired with jeans or chinos, it guarantees a casual yet polished look.

The house presents two collections of casual shirts annually, serving as key elements in a men's wardrobe increasingly embracing casual fashion.

Ceremony shirts

Ceremony Shirts stand out as the ideal choice for special events. Featuring exceptional fabrics and refined details, they epitomize the panache of Figaret and complement seamlessly with our collection of accessories.


Essentials to complete our shirt wardrobe. Each season, a curated selection of key pieces. Described in just two words: chic and timeless.