It's an ode to the timeless shirt that transcends the years, an eternal icon in both men's and women's wardrobes—a testament to classics that never disappoint.

It is, above all, the mastery of a craft—a skill dedicated to a creative impulse, enabling the materialization of an idea. It is a journey of exploration, a disciplined practice, a refined gesture. A delicate art, both technical and sensitive, acquired through experience and passed down from artisan to artisan within the house.

The art of the shirt is not only about its creation but also about its adoption by those who wear it. It is a living performance, enacted daily, navigating between routine scenarios and improvisation. It is a blank page upon which life leaves its marks, where movements are imprinted, and wear transforms into poetry. It represents an infinite array of ways to wear it, a means to express a personal style.

Born in France in 1968